Tuesday 27th March 2018 at Aces & Eights »

Пусть люди решат! As the Russian election reaches its thrilling climax, we get the Kremlins out of the Chuckles cupboard, and play Dumb and Duma with some ravishingly riotous Russian rofls. Put-in your diary, but whisper never know who's listening... What Kompromat has the K- I mean FSB got on our superb acts, Graham Dickson and Hurt & Anderson...? Chuckle away your Tuesday until your Red (Square!) in the face.

Can we make comedy out of this? We'll see... Only 3!

Graham Dickson

"Graham Dickson presents some workings-in-progress. Excerpts devoid of a larger and possibly crucial context. There's a bit of Orson Welles in there. I dunno, just go with it."

4 Stars Chortle, Scotsman, Skinny, The List

"a mightily impressive piece of work, brilliantly performed." Telegraph

Hurt and Anderson

Hurt & Anderson are fast making a name for themselves on the comedy scene. They are a sketch and musical comedy double act who have been finalists in 2017 Leicester Square Sketch off competition and 2017 Musical Comedy Awards. From the surreal to observational comedy, they have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe for the past 5 years and regularly perform on the London circuit.

Their reviews include:

"These girls could be the next Mitchell and Webb" ** (Three Weeks)

"A pleasure to exciting act" ** (Broadway Baby)

"Incredibly talented and funny" (Scotsgay)