Rob Corcoran
Tuesday 19th November 2019 at Aces & Eights »
“This man Rob can surely sing, and he has a great band behind him. He says something that needs to be said”
Christy Moore

Dublin troubadour is a solid favourite on the UK/London folk and American scene with his songs already being covered by Christy Moore. His lyrically compelling, beautifully observed songs are drenched in Celtic soul, drawing from the same deep wells as Van Morrison and Mike Scott. The heart-on-sleeve poetry of his North amercian influences (John Prine, Hank Williams, Leonard Cohen etc) run through his songs. Rob’s 2017 album Inverse Alchemy has blown away viewers at Americana UK, Fatea, Folking.com and many others.

“From the moment he steps on stage, Corcoran perspries authenticity in that fluid way that a hundred record execs have tried and failed to manufacture”. Ann Frankenstein Jazz FM

Rob’s live shows, be they solo or with his alt folk supergroup ‘The Necessary Evils’, always leave audiences looking for more.

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Emperor Norton's Whiskey Symposium
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