Sarah Vista presents: Sarah Vista Social Club

Sarah Vista Social Club Christmas Party with Pat Reedy
Sarah Vista

Friday 27th July 2018
@ Aces And Eights Bar

Doors: 07:30:00

One of London's finest Americana, Country and Rock 'N' Roll club nights The Sarah Vista Social Club presents:

Colbert Hamilton and The Bad Breed

+ Sarah Vista Band

Advance tickets available soon.

Sarah Vista Social Club Christmas Party with Pat Reedy »
Sarah Vista Social Club Ameripolitan HonkyTonk Nominees SPECIAL

Monthly Americana, Country, Rockabilly and Western event hosted by musical gunslinger Sarah Vista and her Band.

Sarah Vista »
Spaghetti Western songstress Sarah Vista and her posse of outlaws arrive in a blood-soaked blaze of bullets...

"Sarah Vista has a wonderfully sweet voice reminiscent of a young Tammy Wynette, with the underlying venomous bite of a cornered poisonous snake, which suits her style of dark old-school country perfectly."

(Lee Powell, UK RNR Magazine 2017)

'Sarah Vista's blood-soaked balladry has set her apart in recent times and her particular strain of Western, brooding ambrosia is incredibly hard to come by'

(Vintage Rock Magazine, 2017)

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