Tuesday 31st October 2017
Tuesday Chuckles: Hallowe'en Special presents: Tuesday Chuckles
@ Aces and Eights

Will Seaward

Doors: 07:30:00

Frighteningly Funny!

Frighteningly funny comedy. Can anything be as scary as the outside world right now? Oh yes, crikey mate, yes in-bloody-deed. THIS NIGHT. All for the terrifyingly reasonable price of Ģ3. Our monsters of mirth are Will Seward and Tom GK telling their scarier-than-Goosebumps stories, and your shockingly chuckleable hosts Douglas Walker and Tom Skelton: 'clever, funny and satisfying' (The Sunday Times).

For the Celts, this night is known as Samhain, so they say... Merry Samhain...!: 'It is believed that on this nigh the veil between the worlds separating the living and the dead, the seen and unseen, thins, allowing devils, demons, and witches to mingle openly among us as they travel to their meeting places. Many ...of them will be on their way to The Broken, the highest mountain peak in Germany’s Herz Mountains surrounded by a deep, dark, and wild forest that is often shrouded in thick mists...' (My friend Lorenzo in a cherished text, 2016) Crikey - cracking! Come to our Herz Mountain for a hearty laugh and chuckle away your Tuesday.

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"A young, even more theatrical Brian Blessed on a wicked sugar rush" Telegraph - Best Comedy Shows 2014, "utterly absurd and belly-achingly funny" *****, Three Weeks "the only real way of describing him is 'legend', period" The New Current *****, "I don't think a minute went by without laughing...I was so enchanted I found myself watching with an open-mouthed grin throughout...buy your tickets now and catch this man before he becomes very famous" TheatreFullStop *****, "ridiculous and improbable...you have no choice but to laugh along" FringeGuru ****, "superbly bizarre and wonderful" BroadwayBaby ****, "Izzard wishes his comedy was this off the wall, Charlie Parker wishes his jazz was this free form...a master" FringeReview ****

Imagine your greatest ghoulish Halloween nightmare. Then imagine that a group of highly qualified medical professionals inform you this gory screamfest is actually real life. Welcome to Hearing Loss: The Musical. After a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Tom Gk debuts his new work in progress with the expressed aim of making you laugh at his misfortune. Hear it while he can! 'Spot on' - The List 'Sounds like fun' - Eddie Mair

Will Seaward

Tuesday 31st October
Tuesday Chuckles: Hallowe'en Special
Will Seaward + TOM GK
7:30 PM - £3.00