Tuesday 25th April 2017
Tuesday Chuckles: St. George's Special Brew!
@ Aces and Eights

St George
Tom Skelton
Harry Deansway

Doors: 07:00:00

Cry God for England, Harry Potter and St. George! Whether you’re a Little Englander or Anglo-globophile, do pop down to Phil Tufnell Park to celebrate/awkwardly acknowledge all things English. Sup our comedy Special brew, with many different hilarious ingredients to tickle you on your funny bone. Chuckle your Tuesday evening away as you down your special brew pint of laughter, as we celebrate this septic isle, this west Bromwich Albion, this big pie, this awkward passive aggression,his England! Only £3!

Harry Deansway »
I am an experienced stand up who has done over 200 gigs. II mainly gig in London and have played some of the best nights and venues here including ACMS, Up The Creek, Soho Theatre, Weirdos and Monkey Business. Last year I did 7 nights in New York where I played the world famous UCB twice, did SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata's night and supported Eugene Mirman at Sweet the cult New York comedy night hosted by movie star Justin Long and Seth Herzog from the Jimmy Fallon Show. In 2013 I did my debut Edinburgh show Wrong Way at the Pleasance which lead to a sell out London run at the same venue.

As well as I stand up I regularly contribute to the Huffington Post and Sabotage Times as well as maintaining my own blog on Tumblr

St George

Tuesday 25th April
St George + Tom Skelton + Harry Deansway
7:00 PM - £3.00