Wednesday 16th May 2018
Artrocker presents:
@ Aces and Eights

Artrocker Christmas Party 2018

Doors: 07:00:00

Wednesday 16th May





(Wolfhounds / Moonshake)

John Peel favourites priest town psychedelic dealers

Besides the bus station and football club, Preston hasn’t had much to offer to the world for a long time....until now. Step forward THE COMMON COLD, the best band you are likely to see and hear all year. Formed by two friends Ajay Saggar and Mark Wareing, the duo had served time in legendary Peel favourites “Dandelion Adventure” many moons ago. Two years ago they took to the stage for the first time together nearly after 30 years to play a set of psych jams. Leading on from another similar encounter the year after, the whole experiment moved forwards another giant step when Ajay wrote all the music, and Mark wrote the words to a set of songs that are now to see the light of day in April 2018.

Their new album is titled “Shut Up! Yo Liberals!” and will be released on legendary Preston label Action Records (who released albums by The Fall, The Boo Radleys, and Dandelion Adventure)

It’s a stunning debut that sees the band drink from the same magick musical fountain as The Fall, Kaleidoscope, Neu!, Quicksilver Messenger Service and yet retain their own style. Featuring a double drummer attack (the recording features former members of Cornershop and Pram), the songs propel forwards with a crisp crunch, but giving enough space to the heavy melodies that spin in your head all day long. The lyrics are intelligent, funny and acerbic and take the listener on a fantastic journey. “Shut Up! Yo Liberals” is a direct and uncompromising document of The Common Cold’s deep, personal connections to the North West’s musical heritage mixed with Mark’s years of immersion in underworld literature from William Burroughs through to Hubert Selby,Jr.

'In The Red' label artistes Arndales hail from the Three Counties (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire) area of England, a hinterland bolted on to North London. Members of the band have also performed with bands such as Country Teasers, Art Brut, Collapsed Lung, Thrilled Skinny and others. They describe their music as "Three Counties Ug-Rock".

On their new album they have taken inspiration from the rich world of retail jargon. The main source of lyrical inspiration was a shared Google Doc where friends could deposit the latest nuggets of retail gobbledygook they'd heard at work. Opening track "Prestige Pricing" is named after the practice of deliberately inflating the price of a product to indicate it's prestigious status. "Dark Store" takes its name from the customer-free supermarkets used to fulfill online shopping orders.

Album closer "Theme from A Big 10-8 Place" is a cover of the Negativland song, transferring the narrative from the Bay Area to mid Bedfordshire, England.

Artrocker Christmas Party 2018

Wednesday 16th May
Artrocker Christmas Party 2018 + THE COMMON COLD + ARNDALES
7:00 PM - £5