Strip Back Comedy
Strip Back Comedy
Monday 24th September 2018 @ Aces And Eights Bar
Strip Light Productions
The new term relaunch

Doors 7:45 PM - Free entry Come see brilliant comedians try out their new jokes for FREE!

Monday nights at Ace's & Eights is the place to be, with a dedicated Pizza Kitchen serving great pizza on demand, and a bar that serves one of the cheapest pints around.

The night includes professional comedians trying new material, as well as encouraging newer acts to get on stage in a supportive atmosphere.

Line up this week is

Darren Walsh

Matt Richardson

Jordan Brookes

Laura McMahan

Faye Treacy

Nick Horseman

Jen Welsh

Laura Davis

Chris Stokes

Raphaella Woods

Peter Bazely

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Strip Back Comedy

Monday 24th September
Strip Light Productions
Strip Back Comedy
7:45 PM - Free entry